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Newsletter: HOT Semiannual Work Meeting 2014

Source:Office       Date: 2014-09-18 17:15:32      Clicks:  105

The HOT Semiannual Work Meeting 2014 was officially convened in the corporate meetingroom (3) at 10:00 AM, Sept 18, 2014. With Chairman and GM Xiao Feng, heads of divisionsand key staff of all divisions present, the 2-day meeting mainly summarized thework in the first half of the year and outlined the plan for key jobs of alldivisions for the remodeling stage in the next half. Convened to unify thevisions, identify the errors and train the workforce, the meeting served as animportant strategic opportunity to look at the progress of the clean coal teamin the company’s remodel to the clean coal market and the future outlook.


Firstly, ChairmanXiao made a conclusion of the company’s performance in the first half of theyear, and outlined the bottlenecks in the traditional sectors and the necessityto enter the clean coal market. Then, head of Central Research Institute Du Wandou briefed the opportunities and challenges in the clean coal market, gasproduction by clean coal, opportunities in the power generation industry andthe work progress of Central Research Institute. Based on a sufficientdiscussion on the strategic direction for clean coal from the perspectives ofvaluable clients, business design and key tasks, the meeting consolidated theminds and actions, thus laying a ideological foundation for the remodel toclean coal in the coming half of the year and future development as well.


The second focusof the meeting was the Pioneers Workshop in which by-team discussions were madeon winning, accountability, professionalism and self-criticism respectively. Auniformed code of standards was raised for the HOT pioneers in theresult-oriented motivation principle.


The meeting paved the way for future development withunified mind and strategic direction. Through the meeting, every participantdeveloped a clear understanding that “the desire to pioneer is the motivation,pioneering is the process, wining is the result and pioneers are those who haveto go through the struggling process to win.” The meeting was successfully concluded with a group photo.